Our people use technology to design impact for good. YCSPL team provides solutions that are not only time-tested but a fresh and refreshing take on the existing system.


We are proud to be recognized by some of the world’s leading research companies, institutes and
publications, as well as receiving some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

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Cities & development

The development of public infrastructure is paramount to major urban communities and we are here to ensure that by fixing any operational inefficiencies or budget leakages. Our vision is to not only manage portfolios for old & new infrastructure but to revamp asset management and reimagine the future of infrastructure.

Affordable Housing
Government and Public Sector

We are here to transform governance by making it digital – smarter, faster, and better to improve the quality of life. Our technologically sound innovations will help provide a better forum for people to communicate their grievances to government organizations in a time-saving, convenient, and cost-efficient manner.

Affordable Housing
Housing and Infrastructure

The rising demand for modern and urban infrastructure has led to steady growth of the sector even during economic meltdowns. The world of infrastructure is renewing, moving towards modernized and organized ways and we thrive to contribute to it by bringing positive sustainable change.

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The world of technology keeps changing and upgrading so fast and unexpectedly that it can be hard to keep up. Our team consists of tech experts and is here to help you with technical assistance and building a tech strategy.

Affordable Housing

The population is ever-increasing and so is the demand for better, comfortable, and affordable transport systems. We strive to provide a new view into the industry by modernizing and sensitizing it for the greater good – of the people and the environment.

Affordable Housing

The world runs on utilities and its future is digital. That’s why we are here to consult you in making the best strategy for your existing utility model. Our team of industry experts will facilitate you to transform your businesses to meet the demands of citizens, employees, and investors.

Few reasons why we
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We at YCSPL believe that quality is not just a business imperative but a way of life. We ensure the finest quality at all stages with state-of-the-art technological aid.


We build projects with the client and not just for them. We keep you informed at all stages and that’s the secret of how we have successfully garnered immense trust from our clients.

Risk Management

We design a safety plan for all our clients to help them avoid or mitigate potential risks at all costs by risk assessment, establishing risk treatment, and conducting risk analysis.


We envision not only offer quality solutions but also transform the way we look at them. Our strategy is to utilize technology to create safer, smarter, and more innovative outcomes for our clients.

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We are committed to making the change that matters, to your business and the industry at large. We thrive by helping elevate your business, accelerate growth, improve performance, reduce risk by helping you make well-informed choices.

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