YCSPL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Pvt Ltd company, incorporated in 2005 with its headquarters in Jaipur. The company specializes in providing customized consulting solutions in Engineering Infrastructural Design, Drawing & Estimation, Urban Planning on GIS applications, etc. The company is known nationally for conducting accurate Revenue & Digital surveys (s). The company helps the client in the analysis of survey data and helps the client use survey data to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the client organization.

Our Company

Our Company

We offer multi-disciplinary technical services with the help of a highly qualified team, experienced professionals, and industry experts. Presently, YCSPL is impaneled with various State Governments by providing our consultancy services in various sectors like Design of City Engineering Infrastructure for Sewerage, Water Supply, Drainage, Transport, and Green Area Development. The company is providing high-tech GIS application-based Regional/City level master planning, Architectural Design cum planning for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, industrial and revenue sectors with national-level recognition in providing consultancy services for low-cost housing with high-grade accuracy.

Quality assured and timely delivered projects have earned us many state and national level awards. The company stood in the first position for resolving the highest public grievances at district Pali under Prashan Shero ke Sangh Abhiyan for the State of Rajasthan.

Our IT team has designed & developed data safety plans for each of our clients. Risk assessment, establishing risk treatment, plan, establish and execute risk control parameters, conduct risk analysis, and conduct management review meetings for effective monitoring.

We are providing consultancy services in various states like Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, J&K, and Himachal. We are proud to have provided our services in more than 190+ towns in the country.

Our Approach

Our journey begins with active listening. We believe that every project and every client is unique. We are committed to understanding your requirement entirely and giving you the best, timely, well-researched, and carefully calculated solution. We strive to provide services with an honest approach keeping given strategic, creative, effective, prompt, and smart solutions with a unique flair.


We at YCSPL believe that quality is not just a business imperative but a way of life. We ensure the finest quality at all stages with state-of-the-art technological aid. We build projects with the client and not just for them. We keep you informed at all stages and that’s the secret to how we have successfully garnered immense trust from our clients.

Risk Management

We design a safety plan for all our clients to help them avoid or mitigate potential risks at all costs by risk assessment, establishing risk treatment, and conducting risk analysis.


We envision not only offering quality solutions but also transforming the way we look at them. Our strategy is to utilize technology to create safer, smarter, and more innovative outcomes for our clients.

Our Values

We believe in ethics and encourage them to abide by business and everyday conduct. In letter and spirit, our brand pillars stand at the very core of who we are and what we stand for. Our approach to work and all interactions with our stakeholders at large are defined and enriched by our values. We do not believe that quality is a business imperative, but a way of life.

Company Philosophy

YCSPL has been an insignia of transparency, and cutting-edge technology alongside timely, attentive, and upbeat service to all our clients. We have a risk management policy adhering to the need of the client and data security involved in the execution of IT projects.

Our vision, mission, and prime focus are to provide quality services under one roof. Our most important benchmark to provide valuable service is – value for money and timely deliverance.

Vision Statement

YCSPL is committed to offering revolutionary and benchmarked services which are ahead of its time. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all so, we constantly strive to provide quality solutions adhering to the unique requirements of every client including budget constraints to ensure one-stop services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver quality services in the desired time, remain committed to ourselves, and be flexible in adhering to the needs of our customers. Through excellence and expertise, we create new trends in “what to deliver and the way to be we deliver”.

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