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The rising demand for modern and urban infrastructure has led to steady growth of the sector even during economic meltdowns. The world of infrastructure is renewing, moving towards modernized and organized ways and we thrive to contribute to it by bringing positive sustainable change.

We are here to provide you with services carefully catered to your requirements with the help of an exceptional team. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail and extensive expertise leads them to adhere to your vision and timelines, and avoid any potential risks involved.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients, from end-to-end project designing to exploring newer technologies and more innovative ways of software development. We envision finding business opportunities for our clients while being mindful of sustainability, population growth, and climate change.


Infrastructure is an essential driving factor in the overall development of our economy. So, efforts made in transforming and developing the sector of infrastructure will be a big step in the growth of our GDP but there are some challenges faced by infrastructure projects in India that are slowing down the projected growth.

Sustainable Development

Political & regulatory risk
The political and regulatory risk with its multiple facets is one of the major disputes in the Indian Infrastructure sector. With various sets of approvals that are necessary across the lifecycle of the infrastructure project, there are needless delays created in different project stages.

Land Acquisition
Several projects have faced unnecessary friction due to land acquisition. There is a lot of resistance faced that delays land acquisition, from the farmer’s community or the local communities that own that particular parcel of land.

Environmental Impact studies
Despite being inevitable, can lead to delays due to the ever-evolving nature of its guidelines and safeguards. The problem arises when regulations change midway in the lifecycle of an ongoing project which now needs to comply with the revised set of standards.

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The quest to balance the infrastructure requirements for the population requires a thorough understanding of ground-level problems. Our Team at YSCPL not only thrives on providing optimum solutions for these problems but also encourages creative ideas to be amalgamated backed by intensive market research.

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