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The population is ever-increasing and so is the demand for better, comfortable, and affordable transportation systems. YCSPL strives to provide a new view into the industry by modernizing and sensitizing it for the greater good – of the people and the environment. Our vision is to deliver world-class, avant-garde mediums of transport from high-speed railways, metros, high-capacity buses, and stations for making mobility more efficient.

Due to the rapid increase in the need for better transport and stagnant budgets of the government, we must think out of the box to build intelligent and long-lasting transport infrastructure. We are here to help you find not only business opportunities but eco-friendly ways of doing it. We bring expertise from an extensive array of disciplines together in our team that will lay out a compendious strategy for lasting, time-tested, creative, and sustainable solutions.

Working with you at every step through the process, we ensure to deliver you on time and fulfill your vision into reality. Our team will help you overcome cumbersome challenges to build transportation systems that are durable and reliable.

What we do

Data analytics

YCSPL automotive practice builds an ecosystem to enable seamless communication across manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, owners, vehicles, and third-party providers. Our data analytics solutions will help create an intensive analysis of diverse data, provide actionable insights, and recommend corrective actions.

Our offered solutions range from required modifications to mechanical and transmission systems, aerodynamic optimization, alternative simulation tools, and intimation to replace the component(s).

We provide support for your project even after its delivery, our customer solutions will integrate analysis from various sources like the target audience and their social data to find patterns that will help us personalize the offerings, engaging them with targeted advertisements and campaigns that enhance leads. Our brilliant team of data scientists and analysts make sure that the required data is readily accessible and easy-to-understand format which enables the use of accurate data in performance metrics, reporting, and modeling tools. Our data analytics support is cloud-based which ensures optimization of algorithms.

Connected vehicles

YCSPL automotive practice thrives to implement connected vehicle programs for smarter transportation options. Our services range from business consulting, web application development, mobile application development, and data analytics solutions to product development. Our tech solutions are elementary to independent mobility. Our brilliant team of industry experts will provide real-time access to vehicles, driver’s behavioral checks, traffic, roadside infrastructure, and GPS data.

We garner data from connected vehicles and convert it into actionable sights and give access to automated maneuvering, enhancing performance, road safety, and traffic management. Our approach to problem-solving is technologically driven which ensures better capacity, reliability, and communication.

Our Services

Leading consulting organization in the field of Information Technology. Our solutions are time-tested and approved by our valued customers. Our solutions are designed by a dedicated team that has proven expertise and are of time tested and appreciated.

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