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YCSPL is here to build smart cities that match the expectations of its citizens alongside taking care of the budget constraints and environmental sustainability at large. We enable our clients to make informed choices that are fit for the 21st century by going beyond the conventional. We envision smart cities development that makes ample use of technology to enhance efficiency, safety, and the standard of living. We empower our clients enough, with the power of data and technology to optimize their asset design, construction, and management.

The development of public infrastructure is paramount to major urban communities and we are here to ensure that by fixing any operational inefficiencies or budget leakages. Our vision is to not only manage portfolios for old & new infrastructure but to revamp asset management and reimagine the future of infrastructure.

We offer our extensive services to the government, public corporations, and private companies. We understand the amount of urban planning that goes into building and managing municipal infrastructure, but our adaptive methods help us thrive every time. From low-cost housing to slum-free city plans, from integrated townships to resorts, our comprehensive solutions always help us land on our feet. Our goal is to work with the client to not only meet their needs but to make these public spaces accessible, efficient, and gratifying to use. We are sustainable in our ways and build them for decades to come keeping in mind the population size, climate change, and energy costing.

We thrive to bring the most innovative and creative minds together to create spaces that are safe and pleasant for living. Working towards a sustainable future and cities development, we work hard to save energy and reduce waste and take immense pride in every new building we create.


With the population in cities increasing every day, certain challenges present themselves that need to be resolved to sustain the standard quality of life. Cities are becoming technologically smarter and more connected and that’s why urban areas and their living spaces need to be cleaner, safer, and easier to dwell in. On the road to modernization and urbanization, the four most testing challenges that rise are urban mobility, safety, air quality, and energy efficiency. To bust these challenges, we can apply smart city solutions.

A smart city is a city that employs intelligent and modern digital technologies to support us in our day-to-day life. They not only help save time and energy but are also centered around enhancing the quality of life for its residents. It comes with a long list of benefits like tech-savvy homes, reduced traffic congestion, and energy-efficient buildings to name a few.

Issues that arise from urbanization can be cleared by intelligent connection solutions. In fact, so many cities and countries all over the world are beginning to see its potential and make norms around such intelligent living spaces. The world is opening up to smarter cities and we should move along with it.

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