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Government of Rajasthan

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Firm assigned work of preparation of GIS based Master Plan of action of 12 towns of Rajasthan viz. Sikar, Junjnu, Gajsinghpura, Kesrisinghpur, Vijaynagar, Karanpur, Padampur, Raisinghnagar, Rawatsar, Jhazpur, Pali, Sri Ganganagar. The Master Plan has been approved by the Government of Rajasthan. It has comprehensive integration of all aspects. It is been identified a list of proposed urban land use and transport measures to be implemented within a time span of 20 years or more. It aims to promote growth and regulate the present and future development of towns and cities. The main aim of the GIS based Master plan is to provide planned development both conceptually and operationally.

Services Provided

  • Preparation of Geo-Reference Base Map/ Town Map
  • Ground verification
  • Population projection
  • Digitization & Superimposition of Revenue Map
  • Existing Landuse Map

GIS based Master PlanGIS based Master Plan

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