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Government Of Rajasthan

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A majority of the villages in the state of Rajasthan still face constraints such as access to education, health facilities, drinking water, power, roads, credit, information, and market. Against this background, the Government of Rajasthan intends to prepare the Village Development Plan (VDP) which would go a long way in ensuring holistic and integrated development of the concerned villages. Firm assigned work of preparation of GIS-based Master Plan of action of 5 Villages of Rajasthan viz. Chhapoli, Malsisar, GudharGorji, Mandrella, Sultana.

Services Provided

  • Physical Survey and Base map on 1:4000 scale
  • Collection and digitization of Revenue Maps
  • Preparation of existing land use
  • Collection and Analysis of Socio-Economic Data
  • Population Projection
  • Superimposed digitization of Khasra maps on existing Land use map
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Preparation of Proposal Plan

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